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Dressage Trainer Hampton Roads


I loved working with Bethany! She was clear and concise with her explanations and instructions. I always walked away with some new goals to work towards. She was always kind, encouraging and gentle with horse and rider. Loved my lessons with her and hope to have more!

~ Heidi

Bethany is exceptionally talented and dedicated. She earned her prestigious United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Silver Medal aboard my off-track Thoroughbred Real Gentleman, competing successfully in open company, and winning USDF All-Breeds championships at Third Level, Fourth Level and Prix St. Georges as well as a USDF All-Breeds reserve championship at Intermediate-1.

~ Ann

I love taking lessons with Bethany Larsen. She is the only instructor, possibly in my 60 year life, who can focus on just one thing I need to adjust at a time. She gives me great visual imagery of what change I am going for, gives me time to try it, is super patient, and points out the change in the horse when the rider improves. She’s so positive! Really a breath of fresh air. I’ve ridden two of her horses and both were excellent. Highly recommend.

~ Margaret

Bethany has been just what my horse, Ink, and I needed to start to work our way up the levels! Patient instruction yet pushing me to ride effectively and correctly! Working with her individually, riding her schoolmaster, and also riding my OTTB has improved not only our performance but my understanding of why and how of the elements of dressage and the basics!

~ Lottie

I have only had two lessons with Bethany but I am very impressed with her teaching style. She knows how to balance encouragement and correction and stretches me without pushing too hard. Her horses are well trained and I look forward to my next lesson.

~ Beate

Bethany is a caring and compassionate teacher and trainer because that's what kind of rider she is. I've never seen her let herself get frustrated with a horse or a rider. She will correct and instruct student and mount and she is even quicker to praise.

~ Johanna

​​​I have a 6-year old Friesian mare in training with Topline Dressage. Trinity has been with Bethany since November 2018. She came to Topline as a green 4-year old and has now shown successfully through 1st level. She is currently schooling 2nd/3rd level and looking forward to what’s next!
Bethany’s training has been great! She takes time with each horse. She makes sure they are groomed, properly warmed up and then schools them appropriate to the horse’s level. Always ending on a positive..... she then hacks them for a relaxing cool down.
Each horse is an individual and Bethany uses their unique personality to create a beautiful partnership. I have been very pleased with my Trinity’s progress.
If you’re looking for an honest trainer that teaches both horse and rider classic Dressage, please look into Topline Dressage!

~ Mary

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